Looking for Studio/1BR Apartment or 2BR and Roommate

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Looking for Studio/1BR Apartment or 2BR and Roommate

Postby rickyrighteous » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:12 am

Hello all! My name is Ricky and I am (preferably) looking to see if anyone has or knows of an apartment Studio/1BR apartment I could rent In the Wellesley/Natick/Framingham/Ashland area. I am in urgent need, as I have a roommate that just moved in that may possibly be (on good understanding) a hard drug user and I want nothing to do with the situation. Looking to move ASAP!

The other option is if there is a male here who wouldn't mind rooming together with me to help with cost wherever we end up at.

A little about me: I am a mature 29 y/o male who is a graduate in Intercultural Studies (Missions) and have been working at a Data Analyst Firm called IDC in Framingham since November. I am a musician, easy going, clean, and also work as a missions pastor at a new church plant in Natick called Milestone Church.

I am in desperate need of help, so please, don't be shy to suggest ANY places you find, even if they're a little closer to Boston or further out than Ashland. I'm open to all ideas!

You could contact me here, but I may forget to check this, so it'd probably be better to just email me at rickyrighteous@gmail.com with a little information about yourself and interests.


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