Female Roommate needed - WOBURN - $800/month

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Female Roommate needed - WOBURN - $800/month

Postby kristaphoto » Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:11 pm

Late 30s Christian woman looking for a female roommate to share an apartment with me, my cat, and my photography business, starting in JUNE. $800/month - all utilities included. Washer & Dryer in unit. Assigned parking in the driveway, which gets plowed in the winter. Huge backyard (mowed in the summer by landlord), with a firepit. NO additional PETS (my cat is old and totally can't take the stress). Living Room is fully furnished (though I'm not married to anything if you'd like to bring stuff in!), and I've got all kitchen necessities covered (again, there's room for your stuff too) Conveniently located in Woburn really close a cute little farm stand, to Market Basket, and to 95 & 93. [relatively close to the Commuter Rail - but NOT a good option if you do not have a car]

I've been a Christian for over 15 years, and am very involved in my church community (GENESIS). I've lived in this apartment for 10 years and had a bunch of roommates come & go. You would sign a lease w/ the landlord, but I'm very flexible so if you can't stay for a whole year, it's not a huge deal. Non-smoker, infrequent drinker, single, tidy, and we've got a cleaning lady because it's just one thing that falls off my plate when I get swamped with my business. I do have employees that come & go during the day, and occasionally have client meetings in my office in the evenings/weekends (I always give notice) - but otherwise, the business is mostly just dealing with someone who works at home and is like always here. :roll:

I'd love to find a roommate who's pretty solid, responsible, but fun & friendly :) If you’re interested or know anyone who might be, let me know! :)

Living Room (TV is gone, but cable is still hooked up if you have one)

Your room is huge, decent closet, North-facing window so a little dark.

Yep, the washer & dryer are IN the kitchen :| No dishwasher, but the appliances were all new when I moved in. So much sunlight! :D

The cat... she is totally going to want you to pet her, but she is so not a snuggler... she's pretty though ;)

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