Seeking Full-Time Executive Director for Campus Ministry

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Seeking Full-Time Executive Director for Campus Ministry

Postby andrewmin » Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:14 am

Seeking Full-Time Executive Director | Summer 2019
Manna Christian Fellowship, Princeton University, NJ

MANNA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (Manna) is a dynamic and vibrant evangelical, inter-denominational chaplaincy at Princeton University focused on thoughtfully engaging the pluralistic university community with a coherent worldview grounded in the Christian gospel. Manna seeks a qualified individual to be the Executive Director (ED) for this thriving organization of approximately 80-100 students and 500+ alumni. Under the auspices of Manna’s Board of Trustees, the ED will be responsible for creatively casting and strategically implementing Manna’s mission to “develop and engage a gospel worldview.” The ED will supervise a staff consisting of a full-time Campus Director (CD), full-time Development Manager (DM), as well as other full-time Ministry Fellows (those conducting year-long internships with Manna). The ED is the staff liaison to the Board and the primary means through which the Board ensures that Manna is fulfilling its organizational mission.

The responsibilities of the ED fall into two categories: Ministry Oversight and Organizational Growth. It is anticipated that the ED’s time will be divided equally between these two responsibilities.

1. Ministry Oversight: The ED will ensure the spiritual and organizational health and growth of the undergraduate ministry at Princeton. The CD currently handles most of the ministry administration on a day-to-day basis, but the ED will oversee and work with the CD to maximize effectiveness and growth. The scope of Manna’s ministry is described below:

• Large Group Teaching – The ED shall be responsible, along with the CD, for Manna’s weekly Saturday night large group meetings. Although the CD will oversee the Saturday night programming, including the flow of worship and ministry segments, the ED will serve as the primary large group teacher. Messages should be 25-30 minutes in length and should focus primarily upon biblical exegesis with a gospel hermeneutic. These messages should challenge the students both spiritually and intellectually in a manner contextualized to Princeton students.
• Small Group Ministries – Small groups are led by staff and student leaders under the oversight of the ED and CD, who are also responsible for writing/revising the small group curricula for each class year.
• Retreats – Manna hosts three retreats throughout the year—fall, winter, and spring— with an average attendance of 70 students. Although the CD is responsible for overseeing the retreats, the ED will be expected to help with the theological and financial elements of retreat planning/execution, as well as for attending the retreats.
• Discipleship – The ED shall disciple appropriate members of the staff and students, as well as support the CD in discipler equipping and mobilization.
• Counseling – The ED shall also serve as a counselor to students as needs arise. The majority of Manna’s constituents are from Asian and Asian-American backgrounds, although Manna is multi-ethnic. The ED should have a familiarity and sensitivity towards these cultural nuances.
• Public Lecture Series – Both Directors, with the consultation of Manna alumni and staff, will secure guest speakers during the academic year to engage the campus on relevant issues.
• Cross Fellowship Unity – The ED shall function as a liaison to the Princeton University Office of Religious Life by serving as the official chaplain for Manna. The ED will also seek to promote cross-fellowship unity with other campus chaplaincies.
• Finances – The ED shall work with Manna’s accountant and the Board Treasurer to ensure proper stewardship, bookkeeping, accounting, and adherence to Manna’s annual budget.
• Board Liaison – The ED shall deliver regular updates to the Board, alumni, and advisors on the progress of the ministry and consults the Board on issues as necessary.
• Staff Oversight – The ED is responsible for staff and fellow hiring processes and decisions, addressing human resource issues as needed. Although the CD has primary responsibility to facilitate regular staff meetings, the ED has primary responsibility for staff assessments and evaluations.

2. Organizational Growth: In addition to providing oversight to Manna’s current ministries as described above, the ED will work with the Board and staff to vision-cast for the Strategic Plan and spearhead its implementation. Manna’s main objectives over the next 3-5 years will be in the areas of development, alumni, and leadership.

• Leadership – The ED will represent and champion Manna’s mission to other ministries and organizations, both inside and outside the University. Developing collaborative relationships with outside organizations will be an important part of connecting Manna to the larger world.
• Development – The ED will lead Manna to continued financial stability by implementing fundraising and development initiatives in conjunction with the DM and Board. This may include expanding the donor base (in breadth, amount of giving, and regularity), organizing and leading a capital campaign, and/or applying for external grants. Appropriate fundraising goals will be determined in conjunction with the DM.
• Alumni – The ED will collaborate with the DM to develop meaningful partnerships with Manna’s alumni and foster a stronger relationship between the undergraduate and alumni communities, not only for alumni financial support but also to provide students with regular exposure and access to alumni in different vocations and life paths as examples of “real world” Christianity. Ideally, this relationship will both promote alumni involvement with Manna, and provide encouragement for their continued spiritual growth.

The ED will be given broad latitude to execute on the Strategic Plan, with the opportunity to take the helm of an established and respected ministry and develop it toward greater spiritual and organizational maturity. Under the auspices of Manna’s Board, the ED will initiate and implement the Strategic Plan in inspiring and practical ways.

Candidates should have at least 5 years of experience, with at least 2 years of experience in campus or church ministry. Other experience can be in nonprofit, government, or business contexts.

Ideal candidates should be self-starters, have an entrepreneurial spirit, are comfortable leading and equipping staff and student leaders, and be eager to combine ministry backgrounds with development and organizational growth. Candidates must also model excellence in their personal and vocational lives, with demonstrated gifts in spiritual leadership and mentoring.

Manna values its community orientation, and the ED should be able to foster a grace-centered community through active involvement in the lives of students.

Other necessary qualities include: ability to learn quickly, excellent written and oral communication skills, developed management skills, proactive communication habits, passion for the university and students, and intellectual grasp of the strategic role of the university in our culture.

Candidates should be spiritually mature Christians with a devotion to Scripture and prayer.

Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s-level degree in theology or ministry also required, with a firm grasp of and appreciation for Reformed theology. Ordination or licensure in a recognized Reformed Protestant denomination is preferred but not required.

Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience and training.

Located in Princeton, NJ. Preferred start date is July 2019.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Andrew Protain, the Chair of the Manna Board ([email protected]).

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Re: Seeking Full-Time Executive Director for Campus Ministry

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