Looking for 1 awesome roommate for a nice place in Belmont, $900, repost

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Looking for 1 awesome roommate for a nice place in Belmont, $900, repost

Postby mokang » Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:45 am

Update - I thought I had a roommate but it fell through, so I'm looking again! I'm fine with short-term/temporary, also partial-week (which I just learned is a thing). Month-to-month or some length of lease is negotiable as long as there is a good fit! Original ad below with updated link:

Hi! I am looking for 1 awesome roommate for a 2-BR, third-floor condo in a nice quiet neighborhood in Belmont, next to the Studio Cinema, Star, and several restaurants. The place is a couple steps up from typical post-college shared housing (see pics), comes with off-street parking, laundry in basement, and utilities included. Pets are ok, but dogs are preferred over cats (if you have a doglike cat, or are otherwise completely amazing, I might consider the cat :) ) If you have more than one, I think they'd have to be on the smaller and more relaxed side to work.

What I am looking for: I've lived with roommates of both genders my whole life and have a good idea what I want. I want both of us to actually enjoy living with each other - if given a choice, we prefer being roommates to having a nice place to ourselves. This means we communicate well, have a high degree of trust, and have compatible (enough) personalities and living styles. This does NOT mean we expect to be best friends - being at home means first and foremost that you can rest and relax in whatever way that means without some sort of social obligation hanging over your head. But, when things are otherwise ok, we'd have fun chilling together. I'd want to eat together at least every month or two cause otherwise it would feel weird to live with someone and not know what's going on with them. I'd also encourage having friends over for games/movies/eating sometimes or occasionally as it's awesome to have community and I want to be awesome, and live with the same.

About me: I'm 40, an engineer who has lived around Boston for 23 years. I'm typically pretty quiet at home or I'm out (half to most weeknights), but when I'm rested I'm a funny, nerdy extrovert who takes circus classes. I don't cook so there's a ton of kitchen and fridge space to share, though I bake sometimes. I give fantastic unsolicited advice but know when to shut up also :) I've been a Christian all my life, and somehow have been an elder at two different churches now (so I guess even though I am young at heart, I am also "elderly").

About you: Mature yet fun. I don't care how old or young you are as long as you know how to treat people with respect (which extends to things like understanding how your clutter or mess affects the usability of a space to others, for example). You don't need to have 100% of your shit together all the time, but you know how to get it together when needed without complaining *too* much. You can be super quiet, introverted, or not, but please have some personality when in a conversation. Finally, you are looking to live in a somewhat nicer place, not a mansion with way too much space, but just-enough space, and are willing to pay what that requires. I'm charging below market rate as it's more important to me to find a good fit than get the most help with the mortgage, but I say this to describe the mentality I am looking for.

If all this sounds interesting, please email a description of yourself, your living situations since you left college and what you are looking for *ideally* (I want this to be a mutually fantastic situation) and what you think is best in life (and of course, if you have any questions). Thanks!

more pics are up in my fb listing, feel free to PM here as well if that has expired or you have trouble seeing it:
https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/it ... ger_banner
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Re: Looking for 1 awesome roommate for a nice place in Belmont, $900, no lease

Postby mllacey » Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:54 pm

Hi, I’m helping my friend to find a place but I didn’t see you email address here? What is your email address? Thanks.

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Re: Looking for 1 awesome roommate for a nice place in Belmont, $900, no lease

Postby OceanBound87 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:20 am

My name is Hannah and I am wondering if you’re still seeking a roommate? If this place is near public transportation, I am keenly interested. $900 including all utilities for a 2 bed/1 Bath is not terrible. I have to let my current landlord know by Sept 1 if I’ll sign for 6 more months or move. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or call 479-957-2396. I’m originally from Arkansas and have lived in the greater Boston area for 3.5 years now. I’m 32. Thx! Look forward to hearing from you if you’re still searching. Take care.

-Hannah Mertz

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Re: Looking for 1 awesome roommate for a nice place in Belmont, $900, repost

Postby mokang » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:30 am

bump, I'm looking again! please reply on fb, or leave a comment if that doesn't work (I'm worried about the robot spam collectors)

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