Please help me find housing!

Have a house or a room? Need a house or a room? Post your availability or need here.
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Please help me find housing!

Postby berriesNcream » Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:40 am

I’m looking to rent a room ASAP for me and my baby. I hope to live with perhaps another family and in the greater Boston area in a safe neighborhood. Hoping to live in a completely de-leaded and modern apartment or house (so, newer, in other words). My budget is $800-1200/ month. Happy to house / apartment hunt with people as well. I value community, so hoping for a home environment where there are some meal sharing, prayer and accountability along with openness to creativity with work situation and maybe even a little babysitting shared responsibility if it’s a family. The house we are living in is going thru extensive renovations and so I am looking for something ASAP. Please send me a private message on this forum or post something with a way to contact you if you are interested! Thanks :)

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