RE: Opening for Male Roommate 06/2020

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RE: Opening for Male Roommate 06/2020

Postby ldlim83 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:04 pm

I hope this posting receives you all well. The place I share with two other guys near Davis Square is looking for a new roommate to move in on 06/2020. Our place is a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment that also includes an already furnished kitchen, living room, and dining room. We are a 5 min. walk to Powderhouse Square and Ball Square and a 10-12min walk to Davis Square. We are near the 96, 94, 89, 101 bus stops if you're heading into Cambridge or Boston. On bike, it's a 5-7 ride to Davis Square. We have a parking spot and there is a washer and dryer in the basement. The rent is $680/month plus utilities that range in price of $50/person - $150/person depending on the time of year. Some furniture can be included because the roommate leaving is moving out of state and does not want to keep various pieces of furniture since he is graduating from school. The lease is month-to-month and we are looking for someone who would be able to stay for atleast a few years so we don't to do the search again too quickly. The three of us are working professionals in industries like technology, graphic design, and mental health. All of us either attend or are actively involve in Christian churches in the Cambridge area.

We are looking for a like-minded roommate who is laid back, friendly, and able to pay bills on time. The three of us vary in social-ness in the house where one of us can be seen around after work watching TV and relaxing to other roommates hanging out in their room and coming down to either cook or do laundry. If you're interested, please email Lou @ [email protected]. Pictures of the room can be available upon request.

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Re: RE: Opening for Male Roommate 06/2020

Postby DaveY » Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:00 pm

Hi I'm Dave and I am interested in renting this room. I emailed you.

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