Love Thy Neighbor

“Good morning!  I, and my family really want to say a big thanks to you and your group for such a kind and compassionate hearts of your. May GOD, THE VERY PRESENT HELP IN TIME OF TROUBLES send help to you all in times of your needs in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. We appreciate you all. Thank you so much. God bless you really good in Jesus Mighty Name Amen 🙏 Thank you again and may you be always safe and have a marvelous day.”
A COVID-19 Positive Recipient of a Grocery Delivery

Who We Serve

MA-COVID-19 Collaborative at the Department of Public Health and Partner In Health notifies us when a person has been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive and has been placed in quarantine.  When the person who has been diagnosed is also struggling with socio-economic limitations such as the absence of a social base or familial relations to support purchasing groceries for a 14 day period, then we receive their contact information.  At this point, our team has 48 hours to contact our volunteers, receive confirmation that the volunteer can purchase groceries, and for the volunteer to both purchase and deliver the groceries.
In this initiative, we have partnered with Unite Boston’s Love Thy Neighbor Campaign.  and with the MA department of Public Health.  We thank God for these wonderful partners!


Project Manager

Bill morrison

Bill morrison

Project Manager

I have been witness to the glory of God as I have watched followers of Jesus respond in only a few hours and sometimes even minutes to requests to purchase and deliver groceries.  They spend hundreds of dollars and then move into a place of some risk to offer love and comfort to someone who has just received a difficult diagnosis.  I think what we do makes Jesus happy!

weEKLY UPDATES november 16-20


  • We have 105 volunteers 
  • 349 individuals helped with 14 days of groceries – over 14,658 meals.
  • Volunteers from 24 churches have partnered with us
  • We have filled 14% of the State of Massachusetts’ requests for help for COVID-19 positive families
  • East Boston has been hard hit in the last few weeks

    Prayer Requests

    • For new volunteers in the harder hit neighborhoods, and for a willingness in our current volunteers to consider going outside their immediate area. 
    • Each family who receives groceries and a message of love will be touched by the Holy Spirit
    • Each family who receives groceries  will find joy and hope in the grocery delivery
    • Each family who we serve will find hope and healing in Jesus Christ
    • Each family who serves will be safe as they make deliveries
    • Each family who serves will find joy in serving Jesus Christ
    • Each family will be formed and shaped in the image of Christ through their service


    Project Stories

    Prayer Vigils

    Friday Prayer Vigil

    The Friday Prayer Vigil returns in December and will follow Advent themes until Christmas!