The Park Street Church steeple against a blue sky with green trees.

If you have any trouble registering, please email [email protected] and we will help you!

In-Person 8:30 AM Service

On Sundays we will be opening our doors for in-person worship services. The sermon for all three services will be the same, but the 8:30 liturgy will be unique; we are drawing on historic church traditions in order to invite more congregational participation, while also limiting the service to approximately 60 minutes. Music from the organ (and instruments) will be a part of the service.  The streamed 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM live-streamed worship services will continue in their current format.

Attendees must pre-register. Families should register together.

  • masks will be worn
  • there will be no singing
  • attendees not from the same household will remain 6 feet apart, along with other measures


Pre-registration does not guarantee entry. You must successfully complete and pass the health care questionnaire* (see explanation below) in order to attend.

  • Those who pre-register early in the week will be sent a link on Friday to complete the questionnaire.
  • Those who pre-register on Friday or later will be sent the questionnaire immediately. (The questionnaire can also be filled out upon arrival at the church before coming inside.)

Attendance is limited to 100 persons in the Sanctuary, but we will create an additional “will call” waiting list of 25, in the event that demand exceeds our capacity.

*A brief explanation on the questionnaire: We need to know that you’re healthy enough to attend. If you or those in your household have been exposed to Covid-19, or if you have a heart condition, weakened immune system, or other health factors that would place you or members of your household at an increased risk for infection, do not pre-register at this time]