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College Small Groups

Small groups meet weekly on or near your campus so that you may attend them easily. These groups will help you better understand and apply God’s word. You will also deepen relationships with others as you share your lives with one another and offer encouragement and support to one another.

As you do this, you will find that these are truly transformational communities. Not only will they transform your life and the lives of others in your small group, but they will transform the lives of people around you as you learn to share your faith and invite and welcome others into your community.

Some campuses have large group meetings weekly. Find a list of Cru groups on campus.

If your campus doesn’t have a Cru ministry, we encourage you to email Tammy to help start one!

Some students at Park Street Church are involved in other great campus ministries, which includes Christian UnionInterVarsityand Navigators. Park Street Church encourages student involvement in any of the on-campus fellowships.