Ezekiel on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican between 1508 to 1512, fresco, restored.

Ezekiel: Prophet in Exile (SEason Two) –Christian education class

Sundays beginning OCT 17 | 9:50 AM | Leaders: Elaine and Perry Phillips

In our first year of studying Ezekiel (chapters 1-18), we encountered intertwining theological emphases: the glory of God; the idolatry of God’s rebellious people; the judgment of exile and promise of return. These themes continue through ch. 24 and will be our initial focus in the fall. The Lord’s Word through Ezekiel transcends temporal and spatial boundaries; we have sobering lessons to learn.

An in-depth scriptural exploration of the writings of the prophet Ezekiel. The class is lead by Elaine Phillips and her husband, Perry. Elaine served as a Professor of Old Testament at Gordon College. 

Registration for this class is forthcoming; in-person and virtual options will be available.