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Let us help you to befriend an international

Many internationals leave Boston not having been invited into an American home. Global Friends connects hosts with internationals whom they can share hospitality that leads to friendship and blessing.

The Focus ministry to internationals of Park Street Church has been sharing the love of Christ with internationals since 1971. 

Internationals face many challenges such as homesickness, food differences, difficulty with language and fear of racism or discrimination.

Volunteer hosts gain a broader understanding of other countries and cultures while befriending interesting, highly capable internationals and helping ease them into US life and culture.

Any adult who considers Park Street Church his/her spiritual home and considers metro Boston his/her home city may apply to become a volunteer host in Global Friends.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Attend a one-hour orientation
  • Initiate contact with international
  • Meet international at least once monthly
  • Nurture friendship for the academic year

become a global friends host

Paper form available at the front desk.



Intriguing Internationals

Internationals are eager to share about their language, culture and traditions.

Architecture speaks impressively without words. What does this towering red gate in China say?

hospitality brings strangers together

Children of internationals typically return to home country with deeper impressions of America than their parents. What do you want the children to remember? IDEAS.

Holiday meals are special times for families to celebrate, observe traditions and give thanks to God.  Why not share these rich experiences with internationals? IDEAS.

friendship & blessing

Many internationals welcome the chance to refine their English by learning new words, idioms and American sayings. They are pleasantly surprised and honored when you reciprocate interest. IDEAS.

Global Friends activities are limited only by imagination, time and energy. International and host can become such dear friends that they take day trips together. IDEAS.

internationals already love park street

Internationals from all nations are found in English language classes, Park Street International Fellowship and Sunday services. IDEAS.

Annually internationals return to home country with a vital, missional faith that seeks to share the joy and hope they have in Christ. IDEAS.


See if we have an answer to your question on our FAQs page.

Contact the Global Friends leadership team by email at [email protected].


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