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Lenten Discipleship Institute

What is LDI

Sometimes it's good to get back to the basics. That’s what Lenten Discipleship Institute 2020 is all about. It is remembering who Jesus is in your life. It is a challenge to put Christ first before other people and other things. It is recommitting to a life of spiritual growth and prayer. It is a reminder that others should come before yourself.

There is a cost to all this. It’s costs you your life. Total abandonment. There is a gain as well. Ironically that which you are called to lose you actually gain – your life. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus shapes the lives of his disciples in a unique way from chapter’s 8 through 10. Interacting with them, he offers counsel, correction, and encouragement. LDI 2020 will explore this section of scripture, and together we will apply the cost of discipleship to our lives.

Whether you're involved in a Lenten Discipleship Institute (LDI) small group this year or not, we encourage you to follow along with our devotionals during this Lenten season.

How are We Doing LDI Online?

Grab your LDI paper booklet or the PDF version, keep reading the daily email devotions (below they are all listed along with a sign-up link), and for each Sunday the weekly talk will be posted here for discussion.

If your group has not yet organized a way to meet together online, here's some advice, and we'd love to help!

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