Art, Film, & Media

Park Street Arts takes joy in helping Park Street Church abound with artistic activities that engage, awaken and challenge the church and society to a higher calling in Christ. We seek to identify, connect, develop and enrich the church’s talents in music and the arts.

Park Street Arts recognizes both the beauty and purpose of all art forms and encourages artistic expression that is inspiring and uplifting. If you are a talented or professional musician or artist, aspire to be one, or simply would like to develop some knowledge of and appreciation for a particular artistic discipline, we welcome you to join us!

Park Street Films Projects

Church Media

The goal of our efforts is to provide seamless technology support to the ministries of our church. Ideally our efforts are unnoticed and completely behind-the-scenes, such that God receives glory and we receive no human thanks or notice. We operate, manage, and improve the audio and video installations and systems of the church.


We are always looking for volunteers – if you like tech or behind the scenes work please sign up! If you have zero training or you’re Thelma Schoonmaker, we’ll love to serve together with you. Ages 13ish to 160.

Services Live

Live video streaming on our site or directly on YouTube.

Live at 11:00 AM EST on WEZE AM590.

Sermons Archived

Subscribe for recent sermons on YouTube

Download sermons at the Library

Automatically hear each week’s new sermons via podcast

Tech Volunteering & Documentation

Find all of our documentation, software, and info on GitHub — also track and report any issue

Help us digitize tapes from the 1960s through the 00s!

The Need

Park Street Church has many years of recorded material not currently available in a digital format residing in our archives. This media is both unavailable for distribution and is constantly degrading. The shelf-life of our CDs, Cassette Tapes, and Reel-to-Reels is measured in decades, not centuries.

How You Can Help

If you have a desire to listen to some of the great teachers of Park Street Church from the past, a PC, and an internet connection – we’d love your help! We have cassette and cd players and can help with the setup and general process of digitizing. Basically for each sermon there is roughly 10 minutes of human work incolved plus processing time for the recording and uploading to our website. But just a few short minutes after uploading the sermon it will show up on our Park Street website for anyone to listen to – and boy do we distribute audio, terrabytes of audio are downloaded from every year. To see just how simple the process is, check out the Word Doc how to at GitHub

Interested? Let us know!