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    During the summer about 1,000 people a day visit Park Street Church as a site on Boston's Freedom Trail.  As part of that tour, Park Street Films has been commissioned to produce a historical documentary on the history and current life of the church.  Scenes will be from the 1810s, 1920s 1970s and 2017.

    Male  40- 70 y.o.
    Male or Female 10 - 12 y.o.
    Male or Female: 18 - 30 y.o.
    Female: 30 - 80 y.o.

    Saturday, November 18 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    Sunday, November 19,  1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    Shoot Dates:  January, 2018

    1 Park Street, Boston, MA 


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Park Street Arts takes joy in helping Park Street Church abound with artistic activities that engage, awaken and challenge the church and society to a higher calling in Christ. We seek to identify, connect, develop and enrich the church’s talents in music and the arts.



BLAME  by Park Street Films


Picture Perfect by Park Street Films


ACTS by Park Street Films on Vimeo


Living Water by Park Street Films on Vimeo


A Split-Second Decision by Park Street Films


If you are a talented or professional musician or artist, aspire to be one, or simply would like to develop some knowledge of and appreciation for a particular artistic discipline, we welcome you to join us.
Park Street Arts recognizes both the beauty and purpose of all art forms and encourages artistic expression that is inspiring and uplifting. We embrace all artistic disciplines, including, but not limited, to:

  • Dance
  • New Media
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Drama
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Writing

We also welcome individuals with interest or experience in audio/video operation, stage or arts management, arts marketing and publicity, hospitality and general project management.

Park Street Arts sponsors various projects and events, including:

  • A cultural series featuring concerts, exhibitions, performances, lectures, symposiums and more.
  • Excursions to museums, concerts, productions, galleries and readings.
  • Specialized workshops designed to introduce newcomers to the arts.
  • Worship service involvement that innovatively blends artistic elements with the church’s AM & PM services.
For more information contact: Chris Sherwood