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Rapid Streaming Setup

How to setup a streaming service

There are many ways and methods to setup streaming for your services - all defined around your goals, budget, and context, between google, blogs, documentation, it is an accomplishable task for a tech-savvy set of willing hands. We are happy to offer specific advice for your mission and budget if you email video at However, most folks want to do something now and basically free with what is at hand:

The general easiest pipeline for streaming is camera->computer with software video mixer -> youtube live / facebook live 
  • Cameras... so many options, from a couple webcams to proam video cameras - depends on what you want to spend on the inputs and cameras and how quick you want to stand it up. If its for this sunday? get a couple webcams,
  • Blackmagic makes the best and least expensive video input cards
  • Wirecast is an excellent and easy-to-use paid video mixer, OBS is the best free one. 
For now: Get your USB webcams, plug them into a laptop, set them on cheap tripods from microcenter, target, walmart, staples, amazon; download OBS; stream to youtube; setup an embeded video of the live stream on your website.