On July 1, 2020, the Board of Elders for Park Street Church voted to form a ministry team to develop a ministry of racial justice and racial reconciliation. The team comprises elders, staff, and members of the church.

Both justice and reconciliation are subsets of the larger call for disciples of Jesus to love. This call to love includes both loving our neighbors and loving each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. The ministry of love through racial justice extends to both non-Christians and Christians, as the church cares deeply about justice for all who are made in God’s image. The ministry of racial reconciliation applies specifically to the church and seeks to better enable brothers and sisters in Christ to express our unity together as the reconciled people of God across racial/ethnic lines. Both of these ministries are fundamentally about love, and we aim to grow as a community of love in obedience to Jesus.

The initial goals of the ministry team are:

    • to develop a clear understanding of the biblical theology around matters of racial justice and racial reconciliation which informs our engagement in these ministries;
    • to clarify and recommend ways for the congregation to be informed on matters of racial justice and racial reconciliation; and
    • to begin the process of listening to and learning from the experiences of members of the PSC community, as and if they are willing to share their experiences.

This undertaking must be covered in prayer. To receive regular prayer request updates from the ministry team, please add “Racial Justice & Racial Reconciliation” to your eNews subscriptions.

Yannick Assogba

Lyford Beverage

Adron Gordon

Raymond Kam

Lorenda Layne

Melonie Letaw

John Liu

Margaret Sloat