Christmas is a wonderful season when we remember the appearing of God in flesh! Jesus of Nazareth was born as an infant into this dark and dying world that he might bring Light and Life. Now, as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus it is our mandate to walk as he walked. So how might we bring Light and Life to the places we often travel?

Carolyn Cain is teaching us all how to follow Jesus into the city to advocate for the poor. Carolyn anticipated the needs of a cold COVID-19 winter and realized that many families could not possibly afford the winter gear required to keep their families warm. So, she called a pastor of Central Assembly of God church who ministers with many low-income families to discover what needs their might be. That pastor mentioned the needs of a family of immigrants who would need winter coats for their eight grandchildren.

Carolyn was on it! She came up with a plan that would be a witness to her workmates, create opportunity for many to enter into the grace of giving , give a grandmother great joy and would provide warmth to eight children. Carolyn pasted the poster that I have used as the image for this post in the staff break room and talked it up with colleagues (nurses, technologists, doctor, administrators). Here is what the message accompanying the image said:

“Opportunity to share some joy this holiday season!
There is a grandmother in East Boston who wants to give each of her eight young grandchildren a new coat for Christmas but cannot afford it.  If you would like to help you may give me money or buy a coat (suggest $25 to cover half the cost of each coat).”
Carolyn added the gender and age of the children to her poster a little later! Many of her colleagues gave more than the suggested $25. Some, substantially more – one gave $100 and another $225!
What a creative and ingenious way to share Jesus’ love – with colleagues, with a small struggling church, with a loving grandmother and with eight grandchildren.

Thanks be to God for the ways he moves in our hearts to make us available to advocate for the poor – going far beyond virtue signalling to doing the hard work of the kingdom!
May God’s joy overflow this season as he watches his children walking as Jesus did!