City Engagement

Embodying the presence of Jesus in the city

Engagement helps equip Park Street Church to reach the City of Boston with the good news of Christ through word, deed and virtuous lives.

Located on the corner of one of the most vibrant intersections of Boston, Park Street Church desires to share God’s heart with the city.

How can we neighbor well?

This question drives our action as we work to share Christ’s love with our neighbors.


Boston City Prayer Walk & Reach the beach Evangelism Project

BOSTON | AUG 13-20 | City Prayer Walk

God has placed us in the city of Boston, a part of the world for which Christ died. God is at work even now amongst his people and places across the city. The prince of darkness seeks to deceive, lie, and destroy those same places. Join a series of prayer walks as we desire to hear and bear God’s burden for different parts of the city, and intercede for it in the name of Jesus. We will also seek to discern God’s call on Park Street Church in bearing witness to the presence and power of Jesus the Lord. We will provide training and support resources.  

Contact [email protected]

REVERE BEACH, MA | AUG 14-19 | Reach the Beach Evangelism Project

COST: $100 

Park Street Church will join with other area churches again this summer for the annual “Reach the Beach” evangelism project. Team members use various methods to engage those they meet in spiritual conversations. In this diverse neighborhood of Revere Beach, people from many nationalities visit the literature table to receive Bibles and Jesus Film DVDs in their own language. Live music, activities for kids, facing painting, drama, and a prayer table are all activities that draw people into fruitful interactions, as they enjoy a day at the beach.  

An event this large requires much help and cooperation! Volunteers are needed during the planning stage, and many believers will be needed during the week—helping at the bandstand, leading kids’ activities, talking and praying with the beach goers, etc. Even if you cannot participate every day, you can still take part in the mission project.  

APPLICATION Deadline: March 31, 2023


Home at Park Street

Home serves the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors on the streets of Boston. Join us as we prepare and serve meals  on Thursdays, 5:45–7:15 PM and Saturdays from 8:30–11:00 AM.

We welcome anyone interested in serving! Hosts are welcome 15-30 minutes early for prayer and to set up, and will stay 20 minutes after to debrief.

city engagement

Ministry to New Afghan Neighbors

We offer wrap-around, relationally-oriented services that lead to long-term stability and thriving of families from Afghanistan who have been forcibly displaced from their homes.