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We Must Do the Work of  God


Jesus said, “As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the World” (Jn 9:4). The context of these words was Jesus meeting a man born blind who had been left by his society to beg for his living. There were six perspectives around this question of social justice. Jesus wanted the works of God to be displayed through providing healing—for he loves the glory of his Father.  Jesus’ disciples wanted to ponder the man’s plight—for he was a theological issue to them. The neighbors could barely recognize the man—for he had become an invisible person to them. The man’s parents would not speak out – for they were afraid of the authorities. The religious leaders cast the man out—for he threatened their privilege and power. The man born blind said, “Lord, I believe” and he worshiped—for he had seen the works of God displayed. 

Joining God’s Work


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Some Team Members Engaged in god’s Work


Social Media Manager

I am City Engagement’s social media person! I enjoy reading the updates of all the project managers and how God is working in the city! Until I took on this role, I did not know the breadth of all the things the body of Christ was/is doing. It is also a blessing to serve the city engagement team in any way I can. When I am not doing this role, I am a special education teacher in Cambridge Public Schools.


Project Manager Coach

This role gives me an opportunity to see all the ways God uses the gifts he’s given his people to serve one another in service of others. There’s such a wonderful spirit of “other-centeredness” and trust in the way project managers are facilitating their team’s work and serving our key contacts at the partner organizations.”


Projects Engineer

My husband Patrick, my son Daniel, and I live in Inman Square in Cambridge. By trade I’m a software engineer. I leverage my skill at understanding, designing, and maintaining complex systems to create and document frameworks, procedures, and other solutions for our teams’ challenges. I’m motivated to serve on this team by Jesus’ story in Matthew 25 about the servants entrusted with resources while the master was away. Servants who were good stewards heard from the master upon his return, “Well done, good and faithful servant…come and share your master’s happiness!” I am incredibly privileged; God has entrusted me with skill and resources, and I pray that I am found a faithful steward during this incredible time so that I may share in Christ’s joy upon his return.

Praying For God’s Work


Giving to God’s Work


Friday Prayer Vigil

The Friday Prayer Vigil returns in December and will follow Advent themes until Christmas!


Stories of God’s Work


Grant Writing for God

Grant Writing for God

The grant of $24,000, to be used over three months, was awarded by the Boston Resiliency Fund, dedicated to helping community groups provide food for children and seniors, technology for remote learning students, and support to first responders and health care workers in Boston.

How Peace Begins in God’s Kingdom

How Peace Begins in God’s Kingdom

This story is written in the first person by Hannah Tam a young Asian woman who attends Harvard Medical and delivered groceries on the Labor Day weekend. We delivered the groceries this morning at 10am. What a wonderful way to start the day! After attending the 11am...

Immediate Prayer Requests

  • Grant Writing Team just comleted a grant request with City of Boston for Voice of the Gospel Tabernacle – Please pray for favor.
  • Face Mask Team is continuing to provide face masks for BPS and Fenway Corp – pray for endurance and patience for our seamstresses.
  • For wisdom as we restructure our HOME ministry.
  • Discernment as we are doing a research project into how we can best assist Haitian youth with tutoring and mentoring.
  • Critical Care Intervention – seeking wisdom on steps moving forward.
  • Praise to God for our volunteers who continue to care for our homelss friends on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.