Privacy Policy

Here at Park Street Church we take your data security and on and off line privacy seriously. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please contact us at [email protected] or via one of the other contact methods at the bottom of this page or on the site.
The top-line summary, digitally we store and process personal data collected through this site only at your request, non-PII (personally identifiable information) is collected by Google analytics and Clicky for our efforts in making this site better, all information sent to both data processors is strictly not personally identifiable by the GPDR standards (and that caveat is added as large data sets can identify anyone, you can’t walk into a crowd and expect to not be known). 
Who is collecting the data and what data is being collected?
We are sending non-PII, IP-anonymized info to Google and Clicky, we are not connecting analytics to advertsing platforms or using Google adsense cookies or other advanced user-tracking options. On any webform you fill out, we are collecting the information stated on the form (name, email, interests, etc), the IP you are using, the date and time, and what browser you are using. The PII information is not sent or exposed to other data processors, not Google, not Clicky. 
Will the data be shared with any third parties and how will my information be used?
We share non-PII info with Google and Clicky for analytics processing. We do not share your PII with anyone one would consider outside of the church. Staff, administrative and ministers, and select volunteers have access to the information you provide as need demands and as you would expect (if you sign up for a picnic, your informaiton is shared with the people organizing the picnics, the people hosting the picnic, and people organizing other future events), your information is never shared for purposes a casual observer would consider out-of-scope. We aren’t selling, monetizing, or otherwise using your information outside of the church. We do use third-party services to solicite information, which each have their own privacy policies, so if you fill out a survey on SurveyMonkey or sign up to volunteer through PlanningCenter, please refer to their policies. 
How long will the data be stored for?
Ideally, for only as long as needed, but we are a mainly volunteer effort and sometimes it is more helpful to retain records than delete them, we have some records of who attended what church meetings going back to the church’s founding. If you would like your digital records deleted, a service we have provided long before being legally obligated to, for the privacy and security of congregants, please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to provide that service.
How can the data subject raise a complaint?
Please contact us through any of the means on this site or in person.