Global Missions

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!”

Psalm 96:3

Global Engagement Projects


Sending out Short-Term Missions teams is one of the strategies that we use to address our global priorities in Missions. Our aim is to support the long-term goals of our Park Street missionaries and partners by sending teams to encourage them and help with outreach, summer camps, or practical projects. Due to the global pandemic, our strategy for 2021 is to develop Global Engagement Projects, which can be carried out virtually yet still make an impact for the Kingdom. We will be adding new projects to this page in the next few months as the details are worked out, so keep an eye out!
Mentor Central Asian Youth

Mentors needed for high school kids in Central Asia. Work with a secular non-profit that helps kids apply to top universities in the country and around the world. In addition to TOEFL and SAT tutoring, they are looking for mentors who are willing to meet with the kids and help them explore specific areas of study and various professions. Each mentor meets regularly with only one student over Zoom for a 10-week session this summer. No expertise in academia required as the heart is simply to give encouragement, ideas, and support to kids with consistent interaction in English. However, we would ask for a solid commitment to meet for the entire session.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

Professional Development Webinars
Do you have professional skills or practical wisdom to share? Work with a team to develop a series of webinars on a variety of professional development topics. Use these virtual training events to build cross-cultural relationships with English-speaking professionals and entrepreneurs from Central Asia and to help our global missionaries develop mentoring opportunities infused with a gospel witness. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Possible Topics 

Life Skills:  

  • Time management  
  • Goal Setting 
  • Managing Finances 
  • Essay writing 
  • Critical thinking  
  • Public speaking 


    • Balancing work/family life
    • Finding your vocation/calling  
    • Avoiding burnout  
    • Launching startup

     Health and Wellbeing: 

    • Navigating life in 2021 
    • Developing a healthy lifestyle/Eating well
    • Healthy relationships  
    • Developing a healthy self-esteem 
    • Emotional Intelligence   

     Job Search Skills:  

    • Writing a cover letter 
    • Building a CV/resume 
    • Interviewing skills 
    • Job search tips 
    English Language Partners

    Do you enjoy helping others learn or practice English? Do you enjoy building relationships with people from a new culture? Are you willing to use your skills to help equip others to use English in a ministry setting or to build a relationship with a non-believer from another culture? Join us for one of several virtual experiences such as:

    • English language partner for ministry team members
    • Guest teacher in online language learning classes
    • English teacher for short intensive language program

    Contact [email protected] for more information.

    Virtual Healthcare Training

    Join a team of medical professionals as they offer online training opportunities to healthcare professionals at a hospital in the Middle East. Help us maintain an ongoing relationship with this teaching hospital through virtual sessions with their Residents and medical staff. Contact [email protected] for more information.

    Discovery Apps Hackathon

    Calling all nerds! Are you an amateur nerd, a professional code monkey, someone with strong opinions about XKCD? Park Street Church is sponsoring a Hackathon and we are in need of all skills, from graphic design to app development.

    This hackathon is to assist our teams in Muslim majority countries, improving and creating Disciple Making Movement (DMM) tools that enable both seekers and believers to access, explore, and study the bible. God is using DMMs to organically grow the church among people groups living in situations hostile to the Gospel, where access to the scriptures and community with believers is heavily limited or restricted. Specifically, we’ll be enabling the sharing of a dialect-specific audio recording of the Gospel and rapidly developing a webapp to share and interact with the localized scripture.

    In the lead-up, we’ll be gathering virtually 4 times for ~an hour for an introduction, two sessions where our missionary in-the-field will share about the tools, their use and need, security considerations, the social and cultural context of ministry, and the importance of dialectical language, followed by the technical kick-off. For these meetings we’ll be using one of the DMM apps to study scripture together to gain a greater appreciation of the task and the technology needs.

    Our team will begin work May 15th, and in the leading weeks hold discussions with our mission partners and the team to better understand the work and need (and recorded for those than can’t make a particular time). As there are security concerns we are vetting participants, so if interested please apply here by Monday, May 10th. Once accepted you’ll be invited to the group slack. 

    Any questions or interest, please email [email protected]


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