This year Park Streeters will spread out to points all over the globe as part of our short-term missions (STM) outreach. We are committed to short-term missions for many reasons. For one, it keeps us connected with the world and supports the ongoing work of our missionaries and partners on the field. It also gives our congregation opportunities to serve shoulder-to-shoulder, deepening our community and our commitment to the mission of God in the world. 

We will be rolling out this year’s STM trips this month. Keep your eyes on this page for more information.

Seeds of the kingdom

“Listen! A sower went out to sow” (Mark 4:3).

Our theme for this year’s Global Missions Conference is Seeds of the Kingdom. Seeds in a garden have their own ways of behaving. They sprout, grow, die or yield a harvest in accordance with the laws of nature. They contain a type of power that can shape the future. And the seeds of the kingdom of God behave similarly.Our invited speakers for the conference will describe how seeds of the kingdom are at work among Afghan peoples inside and outside the country. We are happy that three speakers with considerable experience in Afghan ministry will be with us. Dr. Len Bartlotti, an expert on inter-ethnic tribal relationships in Afghanistan, will be joined by an Afghan believer who has served both inside and outside the country. 

Dan Swinton, a documentary filmmaker, will screen his movie, The Hard Places at a dinner discussion event. We will hear from our Park Streeters about how seeds of the kingdom have been sown, sprouted and harvested in parts of the world where there are few Bibles, Christians or churches. 

We all have the privilege to sow, nurture, and harvest seeds of his kingdom both here in Boston and around the world. In the weeks before the conference, I hope you will till the soil of your own hearts in advance of what God will do. And I hope you will be open to commit or re-commit yourselves to God’s kingdom mission as we conclude our conference on November 13. May his Spirit lead us all to greater giving, serving, praying and going to advance his kingdom among the nations!

Monthly Missions News

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