This year Park Streeters will spread out to points all over the globe as part of our short-term missions (STM) outreach. We are committed to short-term missions for many reasons. For one, it keeps us connected with the world and supports the ongoing work of our missionaries and partners on the field. It also gives our congregation opportunities to serve shoulder-to-shoulder, deepening our community and our commitment to the mission of God here and to the ends of the earth. 

First-time participants should complete the 2023 SHORT-TERM MISSIONS APPLICATION. Those who have been on a Park Street Church STM in the past should complete the 2023 RETURNEES SHORT-TERM MISSIONS APPLICATION. Please contact the PSC Missions staff at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like additional information about any of this year’s STMs. *Note: Application deadlines are specified within each STM description.

SOUTH ASIA | JUL 10-14 | Virtual Evangelism Project


Park Street will be teaming up with E3 Partners for this incredible opportunity to see the work that God is doing in South Asia, without even leaving home. Using Zoom, team members will be invited into local homes where families are eager to interact with westerners. Team members will be trained to share their personal testimonies and the Gospel in a relatable way. They will also learn how to lead a Discovery Bible Study and, with the help of a translator, will have opportunities to share with both believers and non-believers in a South Asian village.  

In week one of this two-week project, team members will participate three evenings in two-hour virtual training sessions from 7:00-9:00pm. In week two, team members will connect across the time zones over Zoom from Tuesday to Friday for two-hour sessions from 5:00am to 7:00am each morning. With the help of an interpreter, they will have the privilege of interacting directly with members of this village, sharing the hope that they possess in Christ. 


MIDDLE EAST | JUL 7-16 | Outreach & Sports Ministry


This trip will participate in “Seed Week” in one of the largest cities in the world. The team will join a ministry team and local partners in sowing seeds around the city. Members will receive training in starting spiritual conversations and praying for people’s needs. Then they will go out with others to places such as parks, malls, and universities to find English speakers who are interested in talking about Jesus. The local field team will create an online ad campaign to “till the soil” and try to identify English-speaking seekers for the team to meet with.   

There will also be an opportunity to serve at a local sports ministry to help with a soccer program, tutor English, and support a kids’ program. Team members will be able to choose which activities they want to engage in.  


JAPAN | JUL 20-AUG 2 | Children's VBS Ministry


The Japan team will use a bilingual (English/Japanese) VBS to help Park Street’s missionaries, Adrian and Becca Tam’s, Japanese church family connect the children and families of Fukuoka City and surrounding areas with the Gospel and their church. Prior to the team’s arrival, the Tam’s missionary co-workers will have had held eight weeks of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes and Discovery Bible Studies to build relationships and introduce people to the Gospel. The Japan team will arrive just as Japanese students begin their summer vacation giving the Japanese church the opportunity to hold a one-week intensive day camp. During this VBS-like camp, we will daily pray for, interact with, love, serve, and share the gospel with those EFL class students and others from the community.  

Team members should enjoy working with kids of all ages. They should enjoy doing a variety of things like playing games, music, singing, making crafts, and telling Bible stories or leading discussions about the Bible.  


LEWISTON, ME | JUL 30-AUG 4 | Ministry to Immigrant Community

COST: $600  

Park Street will be heading to Lewiston, Maine again to work among an African immigrant community with residents predominately from the war-torn country of Somali. Our team will be joining the ministry of the Root Cellar to reach out to this community in practical ways. Team members will help conduct an afternoon vacation Bible school-type program, lead a soccer program, tutor English, prepare and serve meals, and help with various service projects.   

The Root Cellar opened its doors in 2009 in Lewiston, ME.  Recognizing the need for a place where teens could come as an alternative to the streets, Christian volunteers provide a positive place where the area youth can drop in for food, games, and friendship. Located in the heart of the residential downtown neighborhoods, the Root Cellar is committed to bringing enriching services to neighboring youth and their families.  

Check out the Root Cellar’s ministry at therootcellar.org. 


BOSTON | AUG 13-20 | City Prayer Walk

God has placed us in the city of Boston, a part of the world for which Christ died. God is at work even now amongst his people and places across the city. The prince of darkness seeks to deceive, lie, and destroy those same places. Join a series of prayer walks as we desire to hear and bear God’s burden for different parts of the city, and intercede for it in the name of Jesus. We will also seek to discern God’s call on Park Street Church in bearing witness to the presence and power of Jesus the Lord. We will provide training and support resources.  

Contact [email protected]

REVERE BEACH, MA | AUG 14-19 | Reach the Beach Evangelism Project

COST: $100 

Park Street Church will join with other area churches again this summer for the annual “Reach the Beach” evangelism project. Team members use various methods to engage those they meet in spiritual conversations. In this diverse neighborhood of Revere Beach, people from many nationalities visit the literature table to receive Bibles and Jesus Film DVDs in their own language. Live music, activities for kids, facing painting, drama, and a prayer table are all activities that draw people into fruitful interactions, as they enjoy a day at the beach.  

An event this large requires much help and cooperation! Volunteers are needed during the planning stage, and many believers will be needed during the week—helping at the bandstand, leading kids’ activities, talking and praying with the beach goers, etc. Even if you cannot participate every day, you can still take part in the mission project.  


SOUTH AFRICA | AUG 16-30 | Prison & Restorative Justice Ministry


Park Street will be joining Hope Prison Ministry (HPM) for a two-week summer project in the prisons of South Africa. The team will work alongside missionaries Andrew and Anne May, who have been serving in the prisons in South Africa since 2008. They will link up with HPM for this rare opportunity in a radically foreign context. They will have the privilege of seeing what God is doing inside the prison walls, sharing their own faith journey, reaching out to the families of the prisoners, and encouraging those who are ministering in this context on a regular basis.  

The team will assist the HPM staff in running a Restorative Justice course, which is a discipleship journey with a goal of seeing this generation of prisoners transformed. The team will aid local staff, as they lead this program, which aims to break the cycle of crime and incarceration. Volunteers should demonstrate a willingness to learn from the HPM local team and follow their lead. Flexibility is key as prison ministry is, above all, unpredictable!


MIDDLE EAST | SEP 29-OCT 9 | ESL for Medical Professionals


This fall, Park Street will continue to develop relationships built several years ago with a Christian mission hospital in an under-served area of the Middle East. We are seeking volunteers to help the nursing staff of this hospital improve their English language skills. Being more proficient in English would enable nurses to better communicate and interact with visiting non-Arab medical teams. Team members will use prepared materials to teach basic English, as well as medical content-based lessons, and provide conversational practice.  

Teaching experience would be helpful but is not necessary.  Volunteers must have a genuine faith, a servant heart, and have native or near-native English-speaking ability. 


BOSTON | 6 weeks, SEP-OCT | HOME Ministry Experiential Learning Program

Come join the HOME ministry with our unhoused neighbors for a six-week experiential learning program. You’ll come alongside regular hosts and guests to discover what goes into creating and maintaining an encounter and experience with and for guests that declares the good news of Jesus Christ. We’ll provide orientation, training, role rotations, mentorship, and a grounding in scripture and prayer. No matter what your sense of calling or courage right now, you’ll grow in faith and love as you witness and participate in the goodness of God.

Background to HOME: Every Thursday (5:45-7:15 PM) and Saturday (8:30-11:00 AM), we welcome 60-100 guests, image-bearers of the living God in various levels of vulnerability with housing, food, and clothing, and/or looking for community and trusting friendship. We provide a welcoming, safe space along with food, drinks, clothing, conversation, prayer, and Bible study in the name of, and we pray, in the character of Jesus Christ.  We trust that this is but one expression of Matthew 25, through which we love the King of Glory by loving our neighbor.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

KENYA | NOV 22-29 | Children's Ministry for Missionary Conference


The Kenya team will present a Vacation Bible School program for the children of the missionaries attending the African Inland Mission (AIM) conference. The AIM annual conference meets at a center in Karen, Kenya, a suburb of Nairobi. The conference will host missionary families from all over the region who come for rest, renewal, and equipping. Our team will help put on a program for pre-school and elementary school-age children. By caring for the children and providing teaching and activities during this conference week, our team will enable their missionary parents to have a meaningful time of refreshment through worship, teaching and fellowship.  

Team members should enjoy working with children. In addition to the conference work, the team will be able to see firsthand the work in Kibera slum led by Park Street missionary, Carolyn Cummings. COVID vaccinations are required. 


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