How do you plan a wedding in the middle of a pandemic? ‘By faith’ is probably the best answer. Over three decades ago, Sean’s parents married in the Yosemite National Park’s Chapel. When he proposed to Jin last year while much of our country was still in some stage of lockdown, his desire was to be married in the same chapel as his parents. 

So it happened that this past spring, a small number of those at Park Street International Fellowship (PSIF) flew to Yosemite and made our way to the chapel amidst the stunning backdrop of one of America’s most beautiful national parks. Local restrictions limited the number of those attending to ten, requiring a handful of guests to peek in from the outside, listening via Zoom, while family and friends attended remotely from around the world. 

Jin’s pastor officiated, and roommates and friends provided the music, organized the logistics, and did the makeup. One of Sean’s photography friends shot extraordinary photos of the event, while another adjusted sound and light levels to ensure an exceptional experience for those not physically present. 

Later that night, we flipped through an old wedding album of Sean’s parents, and there they were! — his parents, in the exact same position in the chapel, years ago. The photo was a bit faded, marking out the passage of time. Perhaps years from now, Sean and Jin’s own children will repeat the feat, but as they look upon these new photos, hopefully they will realize that God took care of their parents during a pandemic. Our Lord blessed them on this day, April 16, 2021.