“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.” 

Psalm 25:4

Our Missions History
Missions is central to Park Street Church. Since its founding in 1809 by twelve women and fourteen men, each successive generation has found meaningful ways to proclaim the historic faith revealed in the Bible to peoples across New England and to the ends of the earth. About four hundred and fifty missionaries have been commissioned through Park Street to serve in almost one hundred nations over the church’s 200-year history. Many stories could be told of ordinary men and women called to serve our extraordinary God all over the world. One that captures the imagination is the account of three native Hawaiians and seven couples with five children from New England, who gathered at Park Street on October 15, 1819 to set sail for Hawaii. Inspired by Hawaiian, Henry Opukahaia, this joint Hawaiian-New England team was welcomed by the royalty of Hawaii and enabled to see the amazing birth of the church in the islands. By 1863 the mission organization responsible for their work declared “Job Done.” The Bible had been translated, literacy developed, as well as a new hymnody, medicine, schools, churches, and hospitals all established. May God receive the glory!
Annual Global Missions Conference

Each year Park Street Church holds a Global Missions Conference centered around 3 goals:

  • to educate the congregation about the mandate for reaching the nations and the global needs and opportunities.
  • to get to know our missionaries and learn how we are touching the world through their work.
  • to challenge each person in our church to consider their role in God’s global plan.

Our Global Missions Priorities

Unreached People Groups

Of 17,017 ethnic groups in the world, 7,087 remain unreached with the gospel (under 2% or population is evangelical). Of all Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists86% do not have a personal relationship with a Christian and have little hope of ever hearing the gospel. For this reason, Park Street Church aims to send the majority of our missionaries to those who are “unreached. 

Christian Movements in the Muslim World

A “Christian movement” is defined as 100 new churches or 1,000 baptized believers in 20 years. While there were only 13 movements of Muslims to Christ from AD 800-2000, between 2000–2013, there were 69. God is at work in the Muslim world and we would like to be a part of that.

Bible Translation

Of the 6,909 distinct languages in the world, 2,184 are left with no Scripture. Without the Scriptures, the indigenous church cannot hope to grow and flourish. Since 1819, Park Street Church has been committed to seeing the Bible translated into the mother tongue of languages around the world and we have had the privilege of being involved in at least 34 translation projects.

Growth of the Majority World Church

The “majority world” refers to the developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Today most of all Christians now live in this part of the world. The world’s largest protestant, independent denomination is now the 82.4 million believers in Chinese (Han) house churches (2015). Our desire is to learn from and encourage the growth of the Majority World Church through training and strategic partnerships.

International Students in Boston

There are approximately 55,000 international students in Massachusetts, of which 86% attend schools in Greater Boston. The world comes to us in the form of international students every year, including those from unreached countries. We have an amazing opportunity to befriend those who live right in our own neighborhood.