We are a church for our city, Boston

Our vision: the city within one mile of our doorstep

You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid...let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. Matt. 5:14,16

We will meaningfully impact our immediate community, starting with the one mile around us

It takes the average person 15 minutes to walk a single mile. In Boston, that person could step out of Park Street Church, onto the corner of Park and Tremont, and within a quarter hour cross paths with one of the most economically diverse populations in the United States. Imagine.

What do we see when we walk this city? What do we miss? Whom do we overlook? We believe that Christ would seek out the missed ones; walk up to the overlooked people, not past them. He has called us to do the same.

We seek to form a local outreach strategy, which focuses on the people just outside the walls of Park Street Church. While we have a long, rich history of missions across the globe, we will bolster our work in the city with a targeted plan for the urban space our church occupies.

Within this mile

Within a one-mile radius of Park Street Church are the seat of city and state government, some of the newest fashionable residential high rise developments, world-class centers of medicine, trade, culture and arts. Without Christ, the homeless, people of color, immigrants, and the poor become marginalized, forgotten, exploited. As our neighborhoods rapidly evolve, we seek to advance an inclusive community where all walks of life are recognized. We want to be a congregation where the homeowner and the homeless eagerly seek to share a pew.

There are forty churches within this mile radius; nonetheless, more than a quarter of residents consider themselves religiously unaffiliated. Here, in a city that takes pride in its abolitionist past, more than half of African Americans find Boston unwelcoming. Rapid urban development unabashedly favors the the privileged; meanwhile, on any given day, 700 await trial in the Suffolk County Jail. Within one mile of our steeple, there are 18 homeless shelters. Here, too, the top earners make 18 times the income of the bottom. This is our mile.

Our call

For over 200 years, Park Street Church has met the needs of this city, this nation, and the world with contemporary relevance. We believe Park Street Church is called to minister to the unique demands of twenty-first century Boston.

Our location is intrinsic to this call. While our members live both inside and outside our one-mile radius, this congregation is uniquely equipped to address the communities around our church. We are well-resourced, innovative, creative. We intend to apply our gifts to a ministry of the people who live just outside the steps we mount each Sunday.

We would blend a prayerful gospel outreach with practical advocacy for those in the margins. We will learn from and serve alongside other churches, charities, government, and faith-based organizations to address the needs of those less fortunate, those forgotten by the exploding growth of our city, and to show that Christ can unite what the world separates.

As first steps of faith, we will:

  • GROW: We will hire a Director of Urban Ministry to lead this charge.
  • LEARN: By hosting a series of “Boston Conversations,” we will examine the pressing issues in our city.
  • SERVE: Beginning with our existing ministries and expanding with the Season of Light, we will seek ways to engage our city.
  • LISTEN: We have ears to hear. Is something missing in this vision? See a place where God is already working and calling us to join? Let us know.
  • PLAN: Together, we’ll fill in gaps in our three-year plan as we learn more.

God is moving in Boston. He’s called us to act, to be his healing hands. We will prayerfully identify ways to connect with the communities within one mile of our sanctuary. What can be done? What can we each do for our city?