He is risen!


Mary MacKenzie Scholarship

Applications due APR 30

Applications for the *Mary MacKenzie Scholarship are now being accepted. Eligible students must have been an active participant or member of Park Street Church for a minimum of three years and must be planning to attend a Christian college.

The application packet can be downloaded below, or picked up at the Park Street reception desk.

Questions? Contact Judi Manola


*Mary MacKenzie was a long-time member of Park Street Church and served as the secretary for Senior Minister Paul Toms. She loved to travel and was known by her friends for her warmth and sense of humor. In 2015, Mary left funds to Park Street Church in her will to be used to “help students attending a Christian College.”

Join the Nursery Team!

Would you like to help raise up the littlest congregants of Park Street? Are you available once a month at 8:30? If so, please prayerfully consider serving in the nursery with 0–2 year olds. Serving would begin as soon as possible.


A Conference for the Church in the City

APR 11–18

From 39 stories of hope featured at the Hope Rising Gallery Event (APR 17–18) on Boston Common to stories told throughout the week by more than 40 individuals from Park Street Church and surrounding churches, you will get a fuller picture of God’s love for our city and his kingdom work through his people. Listen to and learn from a diverse array of church leaders, professionals, students, volunteers, and others who are embodying the presence of Jesus in their cities. You will also have an opportunity to preview our “Communities of Missional Practice” studies which will be launching soon after the conference. The conference is designed to challenge you to Follow Jesus, Seek his kingdom, and Take his yoke upon you that you may learn from him. For details and registration, visit the conference website below.

Questions? Contact the City Engagement Team


Park Street Dialogues | Christian & Mary Grant

Christian and Mary Grant are seeking to bring the gospel of Jesus to teenagers in the TNT neighborhood of Dorchester in Boston. They’re doing this through a partnership between The Boston Project and Young Life. In this conversation with Mark, they share how they came into this ministry, and they explain the ministry approach of both The Boston Project and Young Life. They share their perspectives on the hearts and needs of teenagers, and they reflect on how we, as the people of God, can best serve and reach young people with the gospel.

New episodes are released on Tuesdays, so be sure to subscribe via Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favorite podcast app!


Emergency Relief Fund Update

The Emergency Relief Fund continues to support food pantries at our sister churches, provide materials for face masks, help workers engaged in homeless care, purchase groceries for families with a COVID-19 diagnosis, and supply our own food bank (which provides back-up to food pantries around the city). Join in the ongoing work of City Engagement and our partnerships to serve the city!


Mar 1, 2021
Mar 30, 2021
2020–2021 YTD
Total Contributions $6,725.27 $185,185.59
Total Distributions $8,008.84 $119,311.03
NET (Balance) ($1,283.57) $65,874.56

Thank you for your generous giving!


Job Opening: Director of Communications

The Director of Communications is responsible for directing and managing the production of communications media of all kinds: website, social media, video media, podcast material, and printed material. To apply, please send a cover letter, resumé, and portfolio to Mike Ahearn.



Short-Term Volunteer Opportunity

WEDNESDAYS, 1:00–4:30 PM in East Boston

The Food Pantry of Central Assembly of God Church in East Boston needs at least three volunteers on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 4:30 PM for the next 8–10 weeks to help unload and sort the contents of 60 thirty-pound boxes of dairy, meat, and produce donated to them by the Mayor’s Circle. There is an urgent need for help in April and help is also needed in May–early June. Volunteer for one or two Wednesdays, or for the entire 8–10 weeks if you are able.

There is no deadline to sign up, but sooner is appreciated due to the urgent need for help in April. Contact Pastor Joe Corrigan by texting (781) 518-1329.


Global Professionals Monthly Meeting

APR 10, 10:00 AM–12:00 PM

The Global Professionals (GPs) of Park Street Church meet once a month. GPs are those who purposefully use their careers for the glory of God and advancement of the Gospel both in the United States and overseas. This year (2020-2021) there will be nine virtual gatherings on Saturdays through MAY 2021, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The program will be undergirded by six Theology of Work topics based on the Bible and two books written by Tim Keller and Wayne Grudem. The topics that will be discussed are: God’s Plan for Work; Problems with Work; The Gospel of Work; Godly Benefits of Work; Biblical Elements of Work; and the Positive Impacts of Work on the World. We will hear updates from current GPs and our missionaries and occasional guests, who are using their careers for the spread of the Gospel.

Attendees may request to be assigned a mentor, providing personalized guidance and support for the Christian journey and the particulars of becoming a GP.

Contact David Rix below to request the meeting link.


Ezekiel Study: Chapter 12 and Beyond

Begins SUN APR 11, 9:45 AM, via Zoom

Join our ongoing class studying the book of Ezekiel under the guidance of Elaine and Perry Phillips. Meets every Sunday.


Communities of Missional Practice

A Community of Missional Practice (COP) is “a group of people who share a passion for the mission of God and choose to learn how to do it better through regular interaction.” We invite you, as an already established small group or as an individual wanting to join a group, to participate in a 10-week self-led series of reflection and practice of God’s mission in your life, worked out with others in community.

Visit the City Engagement page for an in-depth introduction to the series, including a detailed description of its three components: Domain, Community, and a set of Practices. There will also be an opportunity to preview the series on APR 12, APR 13, or APR 14 during the Embody Conference. Registration and COP details can be found on both the City Engagement and the Embody Conference pages. 

Global Engagement Projects

Sending out Short-Term Missions teams is one of the strategies that we use to support the long-term goals of our Park Street missionaries and partners. Due to the global pandemic, our approach for 2021 is to develop Global Engagement Projects, which can be carried out virtually yet still make an impact for the Kingdom. We are looking for team members to use their skills in development, training, mentoring, teaching, or encouraging others in a cross-cultural setting. Visit the link below for more information about the following opportunities: 

  • Discovery Apps Hackathon
  • Virtual Healthcare Training
  • “Life Hacks” — Topical Webinars
  • English Language Partners


College Ministry House Opening

Park Street’s College ministry house (“Wilson House”), located in Harvard Square, currently has residential openings for men. Twenty-somethings with a heart for undergrad ministry are encouraged to apply! Six volunteer hours per week are required. Contact Abigail below for an application.


Details about these and other events can be found on the events page!

Live over Zoom after each service:

This link will be live immediately after the 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM services.

Prayer & Praise

Pray for the Congregation

  • “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
     Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” (Psa 34:8);
  • Rejoice in rebirth to a living hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ (1Pet 1:3);
  • Choose to forgive one another, as Christ has done for you (Col 3:13);
  • Endure hardship and seek the joy of God’s presence (Heb 12:2-3).

Pray for the People

  • For our Elders: divine blessing and discernment as the board follows God’s lead in shepherding the church in unity with ministers and the congregation;
  • For our Deacons and Lay Leaders: joy, patience, and grace of God to meet the needs of the people across our communities;
  • For our Global Missionaries: Adrian and Rebecca Tam, as they have finished their culture learning phase and now move on to preparing for their specific ministry in Japan;
  • For our Staff: cleansing, repentance, and outpouring of God’s spiritual power on pastors and staff in facilitating revival and spiritual awakening in our community;
  • Wisdom and courage to oppose racism that wounds and divides, and changed hearts of those prone to violence and hate;
  • Consolation for the brokenhearted and solace for those grieving loss of various kinds;
  • Comfort and healing for those undergoing cancer treatment, or struggling with physical or mental illness;
  • Mercy and help for those struggling due to insufficient income, food insecurity, or housing uncertainty;
  • Hope for those struggling in marriage or family conflict, and courage to reconcile and be restored by God’s wisdom and grace;
  • Renewed vigilance and perseverance in mitigating the spread of the novel coronavirus and its variants;
  • Effective distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to all, and thanksgiving for the respite and peace that vaccination brings.

Pray for Grace

  • To live in gladness and grace of Easter Sunday every day;
  • To be strengthened with power by God’s Spirit in the inner being;
  • To walk in the grace of Christ and tell his good news to the world.