Summer Sunday Worship Opportunities Begin June 28

Wednesday night based on a review of the results of our recent congregational survey, the Elders affirmed a plan submitted by church staff for corporate worship during the summer months. Our goal is to offer three different settings beginning on June 28 as we begin to gather together again for corporate worship.

Virtual Worshipping Communities (6–15 people)
Virtual worshipping communities will utilize Zoom to worship together in conjunction with the 11:00 AM or 4:00 PM services. A group leader will stream the service on screen to their group while the service occurs. The group will spend time before the service or after the service interacting with others for fellowship, discussion, relationship building, prayer, and mutual encouragement.

Outdoor Home-Based Worshipping Communities (6–15 people)
Outdoor home-based worshipping communities will meet in the yard of a congregant’s home. A group covenant will be formed to determine what protocols will be maintained by the group in relationship to COVID-19 such as use of masks, interaction of kids, distance expectations, etc. Outdoor home groups commit to “quaranteaming” for the summer months.

On-Campus Worship in the Meeting House
The church sanctuary will be available for a limited number of worshippers at the 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM services, approximately 120–150 people depending on seating arrangements based on the combination of singles, couples, and families in attendance. For those who attend, a pre-service health questionnaire will be filled out online, a health screening will occur upon arrival, masks will be worn by everyone, and a 6-foot social distance will be maintained on-campus at all times. A number of other sanitizing and safety precautions will be put into place by our staff. No other fellowship or discipleship opportunities will occur on-campus on Sundays beyond worship such as children’s programs, nursery, coffee hour, classes, etc. Please look for additional information in the next few weeks.

Why is this our approach?
We believe the three worship opportunities described above help address the primary issues we had to consider:

  1. the commitment to following state guidelines and the recommendations of our Medical Response Team for gatherings in our meeting house to ensure a safe environment,
  2. the value of gathering together for worship and depending relationships as the body of Christ, and
  3. the variety of responses among individuals in our congregation to concerns about COVID-19. Our hope is that these opportunities help us to grow in relationship with one another over the summer.

How do I join a Virtual Worshipping Community or a Home-Based Worshipping Community?
First, if you are already part of a Park Street small group, we encourage you to consider turning your small group into a Sunday virtual worshipping community or a Sunday home-based worshipping community. Second, you may want to reach out to a group of friends to create a virtual worship group or home-based group. Finally, a registration process will be made available soon for anyone interested in a virtual group or home-based group to sign up. You can register your pre-formed group, or you can register individually and we will help to place you within a group.

Please pray for our staff and elders as they continue to refine these plans in the coming weeks.

Emergency Relief Fund

We are excited to announce Park Street Church’s new Emergency Relief Fund. This fund has been established to provide relief for those in our city who are suffering due to the effects of COVID-19.

The fund is the direct result of Park Street working alongside other communities of faith during this time as well as our efforts to help care for those in need. Separate from the other funds of PSC, this fund will be used to directly support other like-minded churches and their ministries that are suffering as a result of economic losses from COVID-19 as well as organizations that are meeting the needs of the most vulnerable. This fund will allow us to more deeply express the generosity of God and our solidarity with brothers and sisters in Christ in our city.

To support this fund, select “Emergency Relief Fund” from the drop-down list on our online giving platform.


Giving Updates

Giving towards the Ministries & Operations (M&O) budget is now ahead of last year by 2%, for which we praise God. Please remember that there is a considerable gap relative to where we want to be, as the 2020 budget has planned a 14% increase in gifts from last year. For Missions the situation is better with giving ahead of last year by 8%, close to on track given the plan of 10% growth this year.

Please remember that all gifts to Missions must be specifically identified as a Missions gift. The Deacons Fund balance continues to be robust.



World Relief Sunday

On SUN JUN 21 we will be featuring an interview with Rev. Mark Booker and Scott Arbeiter, World Relief President. Webinars will be held at 1:00 and 6:00 PM, led by Scott Arbeiter and facilitated by Patty MacDonald, World Relief Northeast Regional Director of Partnerships, and will highlight the organization’s work on the field.

Throughout the month of June, you will have an opportunity to give toward World Relief’s International COVID-19 response by choosing “World Relief SUNDAY” on the Park Street giving page. Read here about World Relief’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Virtual Kidsweek

 AUGUST 10–14 (Registration open until June 15)

We are having to shake up how we do Kidsweek this year with the uncertainty of what the coming weeks and months will be like this summer. We will be moving Kidsweek to a digital space and changing our theme. We want to save Rocky Railway for next year when we can be together. Our new theme is Maker Fun Factory: Created by God, Built for a Purpose.  How will a virtual Kidsweek work? We will make recordings of our live opening and the bible story room, showing the KidVid videos, mailing craft supplies and t-shirts, and incorporating the music videos into the opening. We will also create virtual spaces for you to connect with others. The cost will be $25 per child to cover the t-shirt, craft supplies, and shipping.


Oh No, It's Monday! The Joys and Trials of Teaching from Home

MONDAYS, JUN 1, 8 & 15
8:30–9:15 PM

Teaching from home is difficult for parents, students, and even educators! Hear from a panel of PSC’s own professional educators as they offer compassion and encouragement, and share from their knowledge and experience. There will be time for questions and break-out groups. Open to all parents!


Collegiate Days of Summer

THURSDAYS, JUN 4–AUG 6, 8:00–9:30 PM. Join fellow undergrads for weekly Zoom hangouts to pray, play games, study Scripture, and encourage one another in an epistolary ministry!

To participate, email Alexis or Richard. We look forward to seeing you there!


Fireside Chats in June

Our elders are continuing to hold their Fireside Chats through the month of June, but will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. With this new schedule, Mondays will be “Missionary Night,” Wednesdays will be “Interview Night,” and Fridays will be “Narnia Night.”

We encourage you to continue to take advantage of this platform as a way to connect and build relationships during this season of physical distance.



Small Group Resources

We believe that no one should be alone during these times of increased anxiety and physical isolation. If you find yourself on this journey without a support system, we desire to connect you with people who can walk beside you through virtual community. Please fill out this form and let us know how we can contact you.

Park Street Church staff and leaders are working to equip our small groups with resources to help them stay connected to each other’s spiritual, physical and social needs. If you have specific questions about your small group, please contact Pat Chen. Learn how to setup remote meetings.

Prayer & Praise

Pray for the Congregation

  • Praise the Lord who sits on his throne of righteousness and justice (Psa. 89:14);
  • Live humbly, saved by grace (Eph. 2:3-5);
  • Love neighbor, seek true justice (Zec. 7:9);
  • Walk in God’s way, rely on his faithfulness (Psa. 86:11).

Pray for the People

  • For our missionaries, wisdom and grace to help those far from God to draw near to Jesus Christ;
  • For the Elders, heavenly wisdom in implementing guidelines from the state and our Medical Response Team for creating a safe environment to gather and worship in our meeting house;
  • For the Staff, Godly inspiration and grace to care for the suffering, the lonely and at risk;
  • Praise for many responses from the congregation to concerns of Covid-19, prayer that these opportunities help us grow in relationship with one another over the summer; 
  • For Ziba Kheradmand, praise that all are safe following a MAY 22 house fire, prayer for recovery and a new home; 
  • For officers of the peace, protection from emotional and physical hazards, and Godly wisdom and grace to act according to their training;  
  • For parents, wisdom to guide and assure anxious children who are confused by current events;
  • For those caring for others, God’s courage and grace to strengthen the weak and uplift the discouraged; 
  • For business owners and the unemployed, much encouragement and relief from unexpected places.

Pray for Grace

  • To enable us to see the reality of racism and to purge it from ourselves, the world and society;
  • To guide us to recognize in all people the image of God and to seek peace among persons of all colors;
  • To comfort, help or heal us who are impacted by racial injustice or pandemic.