Reopening Information

We are excited to worship with you in the church building once again! The following information is intended to help us transition to in-person worship as smoothly as possible:

  1. Sunday Service Guidelines
  2. A statement of thanksgiving to God for his provision through the vaccines and advice to congregants from the Medical Task Force.
  3. Family Ministry Guidelines



These guidelines were developed and approved by the Reopening Work Group (ROWG) after considering many factors. The ROWG received counsel from the Medical Task Force (MTF) as well. The ROWG comprises five staff, two elders, and one member of the MTF. The ROWG will continue revisiting these guidelines and make further adjustments as needed.

  • The 8:30 AM, 11:00 AM, and 4:00 PM services are now open to all worshipers!
  • Masks are not required, but the MTF advises all who are unvaccinated (including ministers, choir members, ushers, greeters, adults, and children) to wear masks during the services and at all times while in the building.
  • There will be no social distancing required on the floor of the sanctuary, though this may be practiced as attendance allows.
  • The balconies will be reserved for socially distanced seating and for those wearing masks.
  • The Fellowship Hall will be open as an alternative place for worship. The service will be streamed and masks will be worn and social distancing will occur.
  • Singing will occur throughout the services on the floor and balcony of the sanctuary but not in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Stay-at-home or outdoor virtual worship will be supported. If you are gathering in a group to worship virtually and would like support, please contact Kris Perkins.
  • The Welcome Center will be used before, between, and after services for fellowship.
  • No pre-registration will occur for worship attendees, but families will be required to pre-register in Realm if planning to use Children’s Church and Nursery to ensure we have proper staff and volunteers to care for our children.
  • The facilities are available for use by ministries of the church. As always, space must be requested from and approved by the Facilities staff prior to use. Please contact them here to request space.

Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! – Psalm 115:1

With grateful hearts we praise our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who alone is the Healer of all diseases (Exodus 15:26). The God of all mercy is the reason for the end of this pandemic. We are deeply grateful for the many clinicians who risked their lives during the pandemic, and the scientists and public health providers who have tirelessly developed and distributed the Covid-19 vaccines. Even so, we are especially reminded that it is God in His providence (Proverbs 16:9) who gives us every breath to understand (Job 32:8), opening the human mind to scientific discovery (Daniel 2:21), who is the true Healer in this pandemic (Psalm 103:3). Like the leper who returned to Jesus with thanksgiving for his healing (Luke 17:15), even so we return thanksgiving for His merciful provision received through the Covid-19 vaccines.

In light of this good gift, we have asked the Medical Task Force to offer final advice to congregants concerning health questions pertaining the Covid-19 vaccines. As followers of Jesus Christ and fellow congregants, the Medical Task Force has helped the church navigate these health complexities. We are indebted to this dedicated and talented team of clinicians and scientists, who are also disciples of Jesus, and our brothers and sisters, who have taken considerable time to counsel the congregation on these confusing health-related questions.

A note from the Medical Task Force to the congregation:

Dear Fellow Park Streeters,

It has been a long time of being away from each other in worship and other vital activities of our Park Street community during this pandemic. Our congregation has been blessed to continue in worship some in person and some virtually and all safely, by God’s grace! We are grateful to be returning to in-person worship services. In light of regathering, we offer the following information in support of our fellow congregational members.

  1. We believe that it is safe for vaccinated individuals to regather for normal worship and other church activities in light of declining numbers of Covid-19 cases and deaths in Massachusetts, with recent rapid improvement due to vaccinations.
  2. We urge all congregants to not delay in seeking vaccination. The vaccination of one person in our community contributes to the health of our whole community.
    • The Covid-19 vaccines have been rigorously tested using the best available science without cutting corners. After examining the evidence, we have full confidence that the vaccines are trustworthy and safe.
    • The vaccines are highly protective from multiple strains of the virus.
  3. At this time, with regard to in-person worship and activities:
    • We advise all unvaccinated people to wear masks while in the church building.
    • Vaccinated people need not wear masks, although they are welcome to continue wearing masks if they wish.
  4. When singing, unvaccinated attendees are not protected from sending or receiving aerosolized virus even when wearing a mask.
    • We recommend that immunocompromised people and unvaccinated people who want to come to church but are concerned about aerosols generated by singing, worship in a space reserved for them during services. In this space, all congregants can sit together to watch the live streamed service. They will all wear masks, sit distanced from each other and will not be singing.
  5. Getting a vaccine will speed our return to normal here at Park Street, while protecting those who cannot get vaccinated or are immunocompromised.

If congregants have additional questions about the safety or efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines, as fellow congregants and followers of Jesus, we are available to answer questions or concerns. For more information about Covid vaccination, please see the health information from the CDC.

Family Ministries has reopened all regular summer Sunday programs at limited capacities. We have one nursery available for ages 0–2 and Children’s Church (8:30 AM — ages 3 to 6) (11:00 AM and 4:00 PM — ages 3 to Grade 3) at all three services. Pre-registration is required for your children to attend. You will pre-register your children through Realm, similar to how pre-registration for services has been happening. You can register by clicking on one of the links below.

Registration Links for June:


  1. Children must be pre-registered (registration closes at 11:00 PM the SAT before)
  2. There will be no health screening form.
  3. If your child presents symptoms or tests positive for Covid after attending a family ministry program, please contact Adam Herndon.
  4. Nursery-aged kids are not required to wear masks.
  5. We ask that all non-vaccinated children attending Children’s Church wear a mask as recommended by our Medical Task Force.
  6. Per EEC guidelines, Nursery and Children’s Church volunteers are still required to wear a mask.
  7. When you arrive to the church, please go the Family Ministry Check-In area to pick-up your child’s nametag and parent security tags.
Café Young Adults Back in Person!

Beginning this week, both our young adults groups will be meeting together in person again.

  • Mid-20s and 30s: TUE, 7:00 PM
  • Early-20s: WED,  7:00 PM

We will have large group fellowship and mingle followed by small group sessions.

Contact Damian Long for more information.

Annual Baby Bottle Drive | through Sun, Jun 20

NOW through SUN, JUN 20

Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices (BCPC) is holding its annual baby bottle drive virtually this year. “Fill” a baby bottle by making an online donation at The virtual campaign began on Mother’s Day and runs through Father’s Day, SUN, JUN 20.

Note: If you prefer to fill a physical bottle instead, you can pick up a bottle from the sanctuary and return it to the reception desk by SUN, JUL 4

Watch this video to learn how every coin helps to support this ministry and please reach out to the Missions Office with any questions.

Giving Thanks for Bill Pearson, Director of Health Science Ministries

For the past two years Dr. Bill Pearson has served faithfully and fruitfully as our church’s Director of Health Science Ministries. In January of this year, Bill and Elaine began to discuss with church leadership their sense that the Lord was leading them away from Boston, sometime this summer, to enter their next season of ministry and university teaching. Their ongoing discernment has confirmed this sense of God’s leading, and, sadly for us, Bill will be finishing his time in this role at the end of this month.

Our staff took time together this week to honor Bill’s ministry and to pray for him and Elaine as they move away from Boston and step into what is next. Please pray for God’s continued leading in the Pearson’s ministry as they walk by faith. We are extremely grateful for their leadership, service, and example among us, and they will be deeply missed.

Details about these and other events can be found on the events page!


Let His House Resound Again! | Fri, Jun 25

FRI, JUN 25 | 7:30 PM

Join Nathan Skinner and Dan Schmunk along with the Choir and Brass for a festival of hymns. Let’s blow the cobwebs off our hymnals, raise our voices, and praise God “with all our might” in thanksgiving for his provision and blessing!

All-Church Prayer Meeting for Central Asia | Sat, Jun 26

SAT, JUN 26 | 8:30 AM

Please join us for All-Church Prayer on SAT, JUN 26 for a special focus on our work in Central Asia. Come hear from our missionaries in that part of the world and learn more about what God is doing there. Stay connected to Missions news and updates by signing up for our monthly newsletter here.

For this event, please pre-register here.

Questions? Contact the Missions Office.


Home Gatherings: Coming Out of COVID | Sun, Jun 27

SUN, JUN 27 | 1:00 PM or 6:00 PM

This is a time to pray and share with one another about our experiences from 2020–2021.

We invite congregants to a lunch or dinner at the homes of our staff and elders to share about and reflect on our experiences over the past year as we have lived through the COVID pandemic together. Gatherings will occur either at 1:00 PM or 6:00 PM on SUN, JUN 27. Those attending will be asked to bring a food item to share with six people and the host will provide the main course and beverages.


GriefShare Support Group Volunteers Needed

Park Street is planning to start a GriefShare bereavement support group ministry. We believe this could be a practical source of support and care both for PSC members, but also for the broader Boston community — especially at this time. We already have a facilitator but would like to build a small team around this ministry, including a back-up facilitator and prayer support. If you would like to see something like this offered at PSC, we would love to talk with you. Please contact Marnie Nair below with questions.


Details about these and other events can be found on the events page!


Ministries Administrative Assistant

Park Street Church is hiring for the position of Ministries Administrative Assistant. This position will report directly to the Senior Minister while serving as part of the Ministries Team. The Ministries Administrative Assistant will work in collaboration with the Missions Administrator and the Administration Administrative Assistant as well as the Church Administrator, Financial Controller, Director of Facilities Management, and Director of Communications to better enable the church to faithfully fulfill its mission.


Details about these and other opportunities can be found on our jobs page!

Live over Zoom after the 11:00 am service:

This link will be live immediately after the service.